Concert Dress

It is important that all members adhere to SHJO concert dress/attire. The Directors reserve the right to bar any student from performing if the dress code is not met. Below are the guidelines for performances. 



  • Black Dress Pants
  • White long-sleeved shirt with collar
  • Black socks
  • Black shoes
  • SHJO Royal Blue Cummerbund and Bowtie


  • Long black dress skirt, either full or A-line. Skirt should touch the floor when the musician is seated. (Cellists and Percussionists may wear dress pants with wide legs)
  • White long-sleeved blouse with collar
  • Nude hose
  • Black shoes
  • SHJO Royal Blue Cummerbund and Bowtie


  • Hair should be neat and pulled back so that it does not interfere with playing
  • Only small barrettes and hair ornaments that are clear or match hair color are permitted. Please avoid gold or silver (or other glittery) hair ornaments as they distract the conductor and the other musicians.

unacceptable concert dress

  • Jeans or cargo-style pants
  • Shiny fabrics such as taffeta, satin or velveteen
  • Off-white/beige shirts or blouses
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Spandex
  • Skin-tight or stovepipe pants
  • Skirts with slits
  • Colored clothing under the white shirt which shows through